About Jayden

Where it began..

It truely all began with the urge for new software when I was 7 years old, more particularly new video games on my commodore 64/128. Back in 1987, with a fresh copy of compute gazette! I was feverishly typing pages of code from the magazine to play a game programmed in basic on the commodore 64. Most of the time I would have syntax errors and come up empty handed after hours of work. This was frustrating, but occasionally it would work. I learned persistence is the key to success at a young age.

Fast forward to 1993, due to a somewhat rough neighborhood my mother read about a little cutting edge school called Choice 2000. The first online highschool/jr high via Galacticomm BBS software. Originally a simple dialup bulletin board system used to interact with students and teachers of the school, eventually migrated in 1994 to the internet via telnet, then supplemented with a learning network called “NovaNET”. Around that same time the hollywood movie Hackers was released, and in that moment I was a teenager infatuated with learning about networking, and the hacking culture. Sleep all day, up all night on my computer connected to the internet, and simply learning.

This eventually paid off with a career in Systems Architecture designing and implementing large high profile online systems, collaborating with information security to keep financial data secure, working along side some of the original engineers that helped design the protocols of the internet, and designing automated cloud systems which has millions of “Internet Of Things” devices reporting in.